Obec Oudoleň
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The Town of Oudoleň

The town of Oudoleň extends in the Horní Sázava Upland, 9 km southeast of Chotěboř at 550 m above sea level. The Oudoleňský creek, also called Oudoleňka, flows through the town. Around 1900, this little town had 787 of inhabitants whose number has reduced to less than a half to this date, specifically to 350. The first written mention of the town goes back to 1397. One of the town’s interesting sights is farmstead No. 20. It is a complex of residential and farm buildings from the end of the 18th century. The residential building prides itself on a well-preserved Classicist front with simple stucco ornaments. A monument devoted to the victims of WWI is attached to a 19th-century chapel. Worth mentioning is also the building of a former mill and a contemporary structure of a community culture house.

Important information

Local Authority Office in Oudoleň
Oudoleň 131, 582 24 Oudoleň, Czech Republic
phone: 569 642 201
e-mail: obec.oudolen@iol.cz
web: www.oudolen.cz


Bus connections to Chotěboř and Havlíčkův Brod

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